Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring


These days there are a lot scarier things on the Internet than just slow loading speeds. What do you know about the Dark Web and how it could affect you? Well, what you don’t know can hurt you and your business.

The Dark Web is an overlay of networks that uses the Internet but requires specific software, configurations or authorization to access it. This gives cyber criminals the access they need to use it for nefarious purposes. It’s where most hackers and scammers go to do their illegal business, such as gaining access to usernames and passwords for online accounts.

That said, if employees are using their work credentials (a work password and/or work email) for personal activities online, and many of them do, it puts businesses at risk of a cyberattack. Most likely because enterprise emails and passwords are exposed on the Dark Web, there is an increase in the number of data breaches targeting consumer-based companies and online communities.

The Dark Web is an underground counterpart of the public Internet and a hub for stolen information and malicious wrongdoing. So what does that mean for protecting your business, yourself and your family and is there really any value in using Dark Web monitoring services?

At OrLANtech, we utilize Dark Web monitoring agents to detect sharing of credentials that puts you, your family, business, employees and brand at risk. Avoid potential disasters from hackers who use work credentials for data breaches and contact us today to learn more about how we keep our clients SAFE from the Dark Web.