Typical IT support requests

Help is on the way! We collected an assortment of typical IT requests that may help you to solve or maneuver technical issues. Some of these could apply to you, or simply enlighten you. There is a combination of solutions to commonly asked questions, tips, tricks, shortcuts, etc.

Celebrating 25 years in business

Celebrating 25 years in business! A huge Thank You to all our past, present and future clients

This year, OrLANtech celebrates its 25th year in business. Like many other entrepreneurs, Keith Coker and Chriss Rhode, the partners, started with humble beginnings, not in a garage, but in a spare bedroom.

Going from the network to the cloud

Is your IT network fit to power your business—reliably and without interruption?

Everything your business needs to operate is shifting to the cloud, and the network is your vital gateway to reaching it.

When your network is healthy, you can connect to the internet and work without a hitch.

Cloud Computing and Working From Home (WFH)

As anyone knows, no amount of planning can predict unexpected setbacks. The shutdown due to COVID-19 has created a shift in culture for the business world that will have a lasting effect. Before the pandemic, the internet had already created a shift in the way people conducted business with cloud computing that made it more versatile. After the pandemic expires and companies open and people go back to their offices, cloud computing will be here to stay.

Securing your smart home and IoT devices

When it comes to your family’s safety and protecting them from intruders, you should also guard your home network from criminals; cyber criminals that is. Like most people, you likely have some type of tech gadget that connects to your Internet. From mobile devices to self-programming lamps to voice-activated TVs to home security camera systems and on and on, we’re all connected in some way or another.