In the rising wave of data breaches, learn how to protect your personal information

In today’s times, everywhere you turn, there’s another data breach announced. If it’s not you, it is someone you know, a mega-company or institute, or worse yet, somewhere you have an account, albeit your bank, healthcare provider, social media sites, etc. If you have information stored anywhere, you are at risk of being breached. Keeping your passwords, data, financial and other personal information from cyber criminals should absolutely be a part of your life nowadays.

If you use public Wi-Fi, understand the security risks and remember these tips to stay safe

First, you may ask what is public Wi-Fi? It is free Internet access and available in popular places you probably frequent often, such as malls, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, etc. While it may seem harmless to log on to their free Wi-Fi to check your bank account, read emails, look at Facebook, Instagram or other social media or even catch up on the news, STOP and think twice before you do it again.

Get IT Support

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Check out these best Chrome extensions to install

What is a browser extension, you ask? It is similar to an app or plugin for your browser that adds features and functionality to your browser. Extensions are small software modules that help customize a web browser’s functionality, and are widely used. There are literally thousands of them used for navigation, shortcuts, security, ad blocking, gaming, etc., etc. The list goes on and on.