December 2019


Cyber Security Bulletin

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Threats & Breaches


Hackers demand $14 million from nursing homes in...

A companythat provides technology services to more than 100 nursing homes across the U.S. is the victim of a ransomware attack, with hackers demanding $14 million before they'll restore access to its hijacked servers. Virtual Care Provider...

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1.2 Billion Records Found Exposed Online in a Single Server

For well over a decade, identitythieves, phishers, and other online scammers have created a black market of stolen and aggregated consumer data that they used to break into people's accounts, steal their money, or impersonate them.

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MixCloud Suffered Data Breach Affecting 21 Million Users

The music streaming service MixCloud has fallen preyto a cybersecurityincident. It seems MixCloud has suffered a data breach as evident from the 21 million user records available for sale. MixCloud Faced Data Breach Reportedly, the music...

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Data Breaches That Occurred in 2019 and How...

Data breaches are expensive. A company that suffers a data breach will spend about $4 million to recover lost information and shore up their defenses. Data breaches cost more than money. A company's reputation is often at stake after such an...

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More News & Tips


In a world of data breaches and dark web deals, identity ...

Identitytheft used to be a complicated, hands-on racket that involved mail theft, dumpster diving, scam telephone calls and emailed offers. But hackers, aided by improvements in computer technology and internet accessibility, have brought...

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If your home is getting smarter, don't leave it...

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, smart devices are headed into millions of homes. It's time to learn about the critical vulnerabilities you may be letting in. Irresponsiblyimplementing gadgets around your home can put your personal privacy...

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Top tips for avoiding scams at the holidays

Now that the holidayshopping season is in full swing, scammers are shopping too, looking for people to separate from their money. We already gave you some of the FTC's tips for happy holidayshopping, but here are some tips to help you outsmart...

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