January 2020


Cyber Security News Bulletin

Happy 2020! This is your January Cyber Security Bulletin!

We feel it is more important than ever to keep our clients and friends up with the latest online threats and vulnerabilities. As a value add, we are sending you these bulletins on a routine basis. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Threats & Breaches


250 million Microsoft customer service & support records ...

Over the New Year, Microsoft exposed nearly 250 million Customer Service and Support (CSS) records on the web. The records contained logs of conversations between Microsoft support agents and customers from all over the world, spanning a 14-year...

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Your Security Software May Be Collecting Information and ...

"Every search. Every click. Every buy. On every site." Most folks download security applications to keep themselves safe from hackers and anyone looking to steal data. But in a new revelation on Monday, one security application could be...

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Ring's app caught spying on users, sharing data with...

Amazon's Ring for Android app is loaded with third-party trackers harvesting a "plethora" of customer data, a new investigation claims -and an Amazon engineer for the product wants it completely shut down. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has...

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2020: A year of deepfakes and deep deception - Help Net…

Over the past year, deepfakes, a machine learning model that is used to create realistic yet fake or manipulated audio and video, started making headlines as a major emerging cyber threat. The first examples of deepfakes seen by the general…

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More News & Tips


5 ways to be a bit safer this Data Privacy Day

Today is Data Privacy Day. As we say every year, Data Privacy Day is more than just a 24-hour period when you try to keep safe online. It's a day to think about changes you can make in your digital life that will keep you safer today, and...

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How Your Company Can Benefit From Penetration Testing

Cyber security has never been so important to a business's wellbeing as it is today. And it will only become more important as time goes by. As companies roll out new safety measures, the nature of cyber threats will evolve to overcome new...

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How to Keep Your Tax Refund Safe From Fraudsters

If someone uses your personal information to file a tax return in your name, you typically won't know until you try to file yourself or receive some form of communication from the IRS. Fortunately, tax identity theft isn't as common as it used to be.

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