May 2020


Cyber Security News Bulletin

This is your May 2020 News Bulletin. While all of the articles are cyber security related, some are focused on Work From Home (WFH) .

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News & Threats


Hackers are impersonating Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and...

Hackers have registered domains posing as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet-related URLs, according to a new report from Check Point Research. As significantly more people are using these videoconferencing services during the COVID-19...

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'Your Data Is Worth Money': Cyber Security Expert Says...

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - As you sit at home working remotely, e-learning or even playing your favorite online game, it may be hard to imagine why cyber criminals want to attack you. But the answer is simple, and it's up to you to protect yourself,...

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Half of Employees Put the Organization at Risk by...

New data from Kaspersky shows how the pandemic has changed the way people work... and how these new habits increase the organization's risk of cyberthreat.

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Working From Home (WFH)

Since the shutdown, there are a lot more tech support scams in progress. If you WFH and should have technical issues with your system, no need to panic. OrLANtech's president, Keith Coker, has recommendations for avoiding them and what to do if it's too late.

Understanding Tech Support Scams


These are email scams that you need to be aware of. If you should receive them or other suspicious emails, delete them immediately.


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