Client Training


To help our client’s improve overall cyber security and best practices, we offer one-hour complimentary Clients Training workshops in these areas on an ongoing basis, and add-on classes by request. These workshops are designed for new hires or anyone who needs to learn the basic essentials of cyber security and how best to communicate and/or submit tickets to OrLANtech. If your company is a new client to OrLANtech, or if you have several employees who need to be trained at once, we can hold these workshops at your location.

TOPICS will include the following

  • Cyber security
  • Email Phishing
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Password Protection
  • Malware Vulnerabilities
  • OrLANtech Communications
  • Identity Theft
  • Financial Fraud
  • Dark Web
  • Hacker Tools
  • Mobile Devices
  • and More

Take-a-ways will be security guidelines and tools that you can start implementing right away to improve cyber security, and some best practices.


June 5, 2019
8:30am – 9:30am


230 Lookout Place
Maitland, FL 32751


Cyber security

Knowledge is power! Do you know how you are being targeted or the price you could pay for costly mistakes? Cybercrime is constantly evolving and threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Just look at the data breaches in 2018 alone. Our workshops will improve your cyber security skills to help you protect your company, yourself and your family from cyber threats.

Best Practices

Perfect for new employees! This quick overview is for anyone who needs to learn the basic essentials to communicate and/or submit tickets to OrLANtech. When you need assistance, we will guide you through Support Center processes.