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How we can help your business thrive

Managed IT Services

Included in our TotalCare package, enjoy round-the-clock IT support, proactive maintenance, and advanced security, all for a fixed monthly fee. At OrLANtech, we share risk through strategic partnerships and give you flexibility between all of our TotalCare Plans. Our IT support is obtained by month to month contracts, so we can earn your business each month. You will also receive monthly onsite checkups so we can see for ourselves that everything is running smoothly. Through our managed services, you’ll have less downtime, fewer day-to-day issues, business continuity and a good night’s sleep. Our employees and team of engineers and technicians who hold certifications and expertise necessary for the field will make sure that we do everything to help your business grow and move forward.

VoIP Solutions

Stay in touch with your team at all times via our low-cost, managed VoIP phone solution known as TotalVoice. This comes with a multitude of functions, including click-to-call dialing, video conferencing and more. You will have no licensing charges for additional features and will be able to receive your voicemails directly to your email. As long as you have an internet connection, your phone is accessible for you to connect with coworkers at branch offices or at home. Our managed service even allows you to use your tablet or smartphone to act as an extension. Simplify your phone solutions with one vendor and enjoy lifetime warranties with unlimited support.

Cloud Services

Our cloud IT solutions are secure, scalable, and tailor-made to fit your needs. We typically see that a hybrid approach is the best solution to split the performance and redundancy between on premise and the cloud. For that reason, we partner with several of the top players in the field such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We also have partnerships with data centers in Orlando and Seattle depending on what each individual client needs. At OrLANtech, we make sure that we cater to whatever your company’s individual situation is, and do our best to make your IT experience as smooth as possible.


Run your business on a foundation of solid IT infrastructure designed, implemented, and maintained professionally by our skilled engineers. Why not take advantage of having your server and data locally but paying monthly like you would in the cloud? OrLANtech is 100% responsible for keeping the hardware and operating systems up to date. Having the latest versions of software is critical in fighting constant attacks from cyber criminals, who normally target older systems that are more vulnerable. With our managed services, never pay any more for licensing as you upgrade versions, unless your company grows and requires more users. With our unparalleled computer support, you will never get 3 or 4 versions behind again.

CyberSecurity Solutions

Shield your business from malicious software cybercriminals with OrLANtech’s TotalSecurity solution. Our top-notch cybersecurity computer services and 24/7 monitoring keep you guarded all year long. We provide a protection at the network perimeter that keeps threats out of your network. With automatic threat protection updates and multiple layers of filtering protection, OrLANtech’s network support will keep everything you need safe at all times. Lessen corporate liability and risk with our spam detection system that blocks over 99% of spam and protect your employees from fraudulent phishing attacks. Boost your overall operational efficiency, reduce business disruption, and sleep easily knowing your IT support partner is protecting the livelihood of your business.

Business Continuity

Breathe life into your data in the event of a network failure. Our system backs up everything to an alternate onsite server and recovers it speedily in the event of a hardware or software failure. TotalDefense offers a comprehensive disk-based, full-image solution for business continuity through our fully managed BDR device. Intermittently through the day, a server snapshot is taken and stored off-site, giving you peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure on the other side of the country. Never worry about losing information again with this advanced computer service.

Medical HIPAA Compliance

Stay fully compliant. We provide full system audits and recommendations, as well as solutions that adhere to the latest healthcare industry regulations, all as part of our TotalCare Medical service. We account for all aspects of HIPAA regulation, and provide your company with the support necessary to achieve, illustrate, and maintain compliance throughout your day-to-day operations and over the long-term, in between annual check-ins.

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